CA K.S. Ramaprasad

CA K.S. Ramaprasad is a Chartered accountant practicing in Bangalore, Karnataka, India for the past 30 years. He has experience in auditing, accounting, finance as well as in the administrative field.
His spiritual curiosity having been awakened at a young age through seemingly random contacts with spiritual teachers and whetted by spiritual experiences and insights, Shri. Ramaprasad has always been a seeker after the highest truth.
His spiritual journey has accelerated considerably since his fortuitous meeting with Sri Anantha in the year 2004.

Smt. Sudha Ramaprasad

Smt. Sudha Ramaprasad, having served a prestigious bank for nearly 30 years, took voluntary retirement from the services of the bank to devote attention to the Trust activities. Multitasking with admirable equanimity – sharing the family responsibilities, writing occasional articles for the dailies and poems when inspired – Sudha Ramaprasad has also helped to edit a few books.