Hair Package

Beauty of an individual lies in many factors. One among them is hair. Healthy hair adds value to individual beauty. Not just the cosmetic value, but hair is also an indicator of an individual’s health. Therefore, hair care should be a significant part of one’s daily routine.

Nature of hair is different from individual to individual and it depends on each person’s body constitution, food habits, environmental factors, nutritional status, use of various colouring agents,hormonal balance of the body etc.,the treatment of which, therefore, needs to be customized.

Ayurveda provides solution for various hair related ailments like hair fall, premature greying of hair, dandruff, patchy hair loss, Scalp diseases etc., with internal medication and procedures like shirodhara, shirobasti, shiro-abhyanga, specific hair packs, to name a few, and also consider pathya (diet) based on the nutritional status of the individual.

Skin Care Package

Everyone wishes to have a healthy glowing skin that adds to their beauty, but very few are blessed with it. Taking care of the skin is an art and not everybody is a master of it. Skin care depends on individual type of skin,geographical region, weather and seasonal variations of the place.

Ayurveda has defined different types of skin based on different prakriti (body constitution), and skin care for each type differs. Skin care packages in our wellness centre follows this principle and customises every treatment based on patient’s skin type and nature of the skin, also considering other points like weather and season of treatment.

Treatments like mukha lepa, mukha abhyanga etc., with specific medicines are used for skin care in Ayurveda.Also, specific internal medications and diet prescribed will give extra benefit by promoting the health of the skin from within by removing the toxins from the body.