Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure, is a long-term condition in which the blood present in the arteries is persistently elevated.

Causes includes obesity, lack of sleep, stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, family history, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80mmhg.

Hypertension typically does not cause symptoms long term high blood pressure is a major risk factor. sometimes there will be headache, vertigo, tinnitus, fainting.

Complication of bp includes heart problems, paralysis, vision loss, chronic kidney disease.

Risk factors include high intake of salt, excessive body weight, smoking, alcohol.

Two types of hypertension are primary (due to Lifestyle factors) secondary hypertension (due to kidney disease, endocrine disorders).

Marmachikitsa: Manipulation techniques with hands on both the hands, occipital region, ear, forehead helps to regularise the blood pressure.

Ayurveda and Hypertension: Ayurveda describes hypertension under raktagatavata.

It is mainly produced by vata and pitta dosha and rakta dhatu.

Panchakarma treatment for reducing hypertension includes:

  • Virechana karma: It is helpful in reducing pitta and vatadosha and therefore reduces hypertension.
  • Shirodhara: Shirodhara with himasagarataila or takra (Takradhara) helps in reducing the hypertension by relieving the stress.
  • Sarvangaksheerapariseka: continuously pouring the liquid gives relaxation, sedative and soothing effect for the brain and helps in reducing stress induced hypertension.
  • Sarvangasamvahana (abhyanga): Relaxation massage helps in reducing the stress factor and relaxes the body.