It is a significant social and medical problem affecting couples worldwide. There are two types of infertility primary (when a woman is unable to ever bear child). Secondary infertility (when women has been pregnant but failure to achieve live birth after having a live birth previously).
Causes of infertility are ovulation problems, diabetes, excessive exercise poor nutrition, drinking too much alcohol, obesity, thyroid disease, smoking.
Marmachikitsa: Manipulation techniques on all the toes, dorsal venous arch, arcuate artery, peroneal artery, posterior and anterior tibial arteries, and veins helps in infertility.
Ayurvedic view: Infertility is explained under the topic of Vandhyatwa and klaibya in Ayurveda.
All the three dosha are affected in this and causes the vitiation of shukra and shonita dhatu.
Snehapana: It helps in nourishment of all the dhatu specially shukra dhatu.
Swedana: helps in liquification of dosha for its easy removal.
vamana/ virechana: It helps in removing the liquified dosha from the body.
Basti: ksheerabasti/ yapanabasti helps in nourishment of all dhatu specially shukra dhatu.
Yoni prakshalana/ yoni pichu: It helps in clearing the local infection of cervix and vagina.
Uttara basti: It helps in elimination of vatadosha from the male/ female reproductive organ and clearing any blockage in the tract.
Nasya karma: It stimulates the higher center in brain i.e. hypothalamus and pituitary and acts on HPO axis.
Abhayanga and shirodhara: it helps in reducing the stress which is the main cause for infertility nowadays.