Migraine is a primary headache disorder characterized by recurrent headache typically the headaches affects one half of the head.
Migraine is caused by emotional stress, lack of sleep, food, alcohol, caffeine, noise, light, some of the medication like birth control pills, anxiety.
Symptoms include recurrent headache.
Factors triggers migraine headache is stress, hunger, and fatigue, depression, some the foods like chocolate, red wine, citrus fruits, onions, caffeinated beverages.
There are 3 types of migraine mild, moderate, and severe Skipped meals and hunger reported migraine triggers in 56% in a population.

Marmachikitsa: Manipulation technique over pituitary gland, pineal gland, eyebrows, and forehead helps to reduce the migraine headache quickly.

Ayurvedic view :Ayurveda explains migraine headache under ardhavabhedaka which means half side headache.

It is caused due to vitiated vatadosha and kaphadosha which causes headache in postero-lateral aspect of head, temporal region, frontal region, eyebrow, and ear.


Nasya karma: The medicine instilled in nose reaches shringatakamarma and reaches the whole head region. This reduces vatadosha and eliminate accumulated kaphadosha.

Shirobasti and shiroabhyanga: this stimulates parasympathetic nervous system and decreases stress hormones. It also causes peripheral vasodilation which increases the blood circulation and reduces headache.

Snehapana: It reduces vatta dosha.

Shirodhara: It soothes the marma in the head, nervous system, and endocrine glands.

Dhoomapana: It helps in reducing kaphadosha. Reduces inflammation and pain.