Rejuvenation Therapy or Rasayana chikitsa as per Ayurveda is basically a form of chikitsa which mainly concentrates on maintaining youthfulness, restoring vitality and increasing longevity of an individual by removing toxins form the body – toxins which have accumulated as a result of following unhealthy lifestyle, irregular food pattern, erratic eating habits, environmental factors, emotional factors and various other factors that are the basis for disease manifestations.

Purificatory procedures like vamana, virechana, nasya, basti and rakta mokshana detoxify body and improve physical health of an individual. Also, external procedures like abhyanga, swedana, Shirodhara etc., de-stress the mind and improve mental health of the person. Along with this, a combinationof Yoga, Meditation and Satsang will increase the positive energy within the body and mind and improve the overall health status of the person, making a person live a long and healthy life.

Rejuvenation therapies will be specific for each individual, based on Prakriti (constitution of the body), and Vikriti (any associated health condition), which will be assessed during the consultation with the specialist. By undergoing rejuvenation therapies, one becomes healthy physically and mentally, energetic from within, acquires improved function of the senses, improved immunity of the body, glowing skin and face and also, over all improved health condition of the body.