Hair care is very important to both men and women and their self-esteem. Along with the cosmetic aspect it is very important in the protective function also.
Marma chikitsa: Manipulation by hands all over the head helps to remove the toxins and activates various vital points which helps to get rid of scalp diseases.
Ayurvedic view:
Hair fall – falling of hair occurs due to so many etiological factors. All the doshas are involved in one or the other way in causing hair fall. Depending on the symptomatology the oils and hair packs should be selected.
Dandruff – The vitiated vatadosha and kaphadosha deranges the skin of the scalp and changes it into dry rough with severe itching sensation and pain. Using specific hair packs and hair oil mentioned in Ayurveda, easily one can get rid of it.
NASYA – Administration of the medicines through nasal route is known as nasya. As the nasal route is considered as the nearest route for the diseases of the head and neck, nasya acts at its best to cure these diseases.
Oils: Shadbindutaila, nimbataila, laghupanchamulataila.
SHIROABHYANGA – Smearing the oil followed by massage by specific method refers to shiroabhyanga. This procedure is most ideal for routine practice especially in healthy persons. It is both preventive and curative therapy.
Indications – Hair fall, dandruff, cranial nerve disorders, premature greying, headache.
Oils – Gunjaditaila, Bringarajaditaila, Dhanwantaritaila, Neelabringaditaila.
HAIR PACKS – Priyaladilepa, Amradilepa, Japakusumadilepa