Varicose veins are permanently distended superficial veins that developed from vascular competence. There are two types of varicose veins primary and secondary. It is caused by defective venous vessels, incompetent venous valves, chronic systemic disease, infections, trauma, obesity, standing for long duration chronic, constipation.

Pathology includes increased venous pressure dilatation of veins - stretched valves - failing of calf muscles to pump blood- venous distention - varicose vein.

Marma Chikitsa: Manipulation over the calf muscles up to thigh region – Peripheral veins. Knots will be removed using manipulation technique for particular duration.

Ayurvedic view: The main dosha affects in Siragranthi (varicose vein) is vatadosha and pitta dosha which affects rakta dhatu and sira (veins).


Snehapana: It helps in reducing vatadosha.

Swedana: It helps in increasing the blood circulation which is impaired in varicose vein due to incompatible vein valves.

Virechana karma: As pitta and rakta is involved, virechana helps in relieving the varicose veins.

Basti: It is the best line of treatment for vatadosha.

Abhyanga: abhyanga in pratilomagati (in opposite direction to hair follicles) helps in increasing the local blood circulation and reduces pain and itching.

Raktamokshana: It helps to purify the raktadosha which is said to be the major causative factor.