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INSTITUTION DETAILS Name of the Institution: Ikya Initiative in Ancient Healing Systems LLP
No.91, Kaivalya Sannidhanam, Arjunabettahalli,
Gollahalli Post, Nelamangala Tq,
Bangalore Rural - 562123
City/Province: Bangalore Rural
State: Karnataka
Country: India
Pin code: 562123
Website: IIAHS.COM
FOUNDER & MANAGING PARTNER - Sri Sri Sri Prof. Dr. A. V. Srinivasan Swamiji
DIRECTOR & PARTNER – International - Shree. Ivanov Alexey Alexandrovich
DIRECTOR & PARTNER – National - Ms. Sruthi Narayanan
Year of establishment: 2020
CONTACT DETAILS Name of the contact person for RAV: Prof. Dr. Sri Sri Sri A.V. Srinivasan
Designation: Managing partner
Mobile No: 9108604623
Name of the course Co-Ordinator(s): Dr. Madhu Ranjan
Designation: Assistant professor
Mobile No: 6366339024
Name of the course Certificate course in Panchakarma and Varmology
Duration of the course 6 Months
Consolidate Fees Structure for Hybrid Online cum Residential Program Including Tution Fees, Study Material and Accommodation INR 3,00,000/-
Eligibility Passed minimum Graduation in any science or Higher Education
Mode of course Combination of Physical / Distance – Online - Hybrid
Aims and Objectives • To optimize the use of Ayurvedic principles and modalities of Varmalogy.
• To impart exclusive and extensive integrated knowledge and understanding of Varmalogy and relevant applied sciences to achieve and maintain standards of best practice in prevention and treatment of injuries.
Vision and Mission • To produce experts who will have full knowledge of Varmalogy and applications of principles of Ayurveda with integrated knowledge of Varmalogy. This course will help them broaden their professional competence to serve the society in a better manner.
Outcome of the course • This course will help the learners to cultivate a better understanding of various aspects of Varmalogy through an integrated approach as in addition to Ayurvedic paradigm, the modern scientific principles and methods have been incorporated in the curriculum.
• This is a novel course designed mainly to encourage the practitioners to enhance their skills to attain and maintain the standards of best practices in Varmalogy.
Career Opportunities This course will help them broaden their spectrum of professional competence to serve the society in a better way.
Description about the course The very definition of Ayurveda states that it is the knowledge of life or longevity can be achieved through it and hence it is called as Ayurveda.
Ayurveda, the eternal science of medicine is considered to be a boon for mankind in treating various diseases. It is believed that the five elements of the world have a huge impact on a person’s health.
Varma points are gateways to access the body's inherent self-healing mechanism which are specific energy points that relate to functions of organs.
The course will cover:
• Introduction to Panchakarma, Panchakarma and Shodhana, its importance for promotion of health, prevention and treatment of diseases
• Trividha Karma - Purva, Pradhana and Pashchat Karma in relation to Shodhana and their importance
• Poorva karma in detail
• Pradhana karma in detail
• Paschat karma in detail
• Sthanika - upakramas
• Raktamokshana
• Introduction to Varma (Knowledge about art of knowing vital point of human body)
• Varmalogy (Detail knowledge of 108 vital points of human body)